About the company

Sedlecký kaolin was founded in 1892 and became a leading Czech producer of kaolin. Our most important quarry site is the Karlovy Vary region, where we mine kaolin of the highest quality.

Visions and values

We are proud to be a reliable supplier of first-class quality products. We want to strengthen this strong position and develop it further. Thanks to constant research and development of the most modern technologies, we can bring to customers an ever wider range of products. We could not do that without a team of satisfied employees. That is why we develop their talent and create a motivating work environment for them. In addition, as an ecologically responsible company, we want to work with respect for the environment and focus on reclamating the landscape of the Karlovy Vary region.

Quality control and certificates

The quality of our products is under constant control. We verify its highest standards by regular tests in laboratories.

ISO 9001 certification -
ISO 14001
Quality control
Work safety.

Company history

Over the course of three centuries, the method of mining and processing of the raw material has changed fundamentally. However, we still hold the position of a globally recognized producer of kaolin.

The first attempts to produce porcelain from local raw materials in the Karlovy Vary region and the beginning of kaolin mining.

Porcelain production in the Karlovy Vary region expands.

18th Century
19th Century

1892 / Foundation

Successful kaolin mining in the Karlovy Vary region and a flourishing porcelain industry initiate the foundation of Zettlitzer Kaolinwerke AG.


Aquiring the competition

The company grows by acquiring small kaolin producers – Zebisch & Pfeiffer, Lorenz and Mottl.


International standard set

Zettlitz Kaolin is declared a kaolin standard at the IUPAC Congress in Copenhagen. The trademark has survived all subsequent organizational and ownership changes.


Dynamic growth

The ever-growing company acquires more and more plants, particularly in Saxony. In 1938, it already owns nine deposits, ten washing plants, two brickyards, a coal quarry and a porcelain factory (Merklín).



After the demise of the company as a consequence of the war, all kaolin mining and processing in the Karlovy Vary region is nationalized. Activity is recommenced by the national enterprise called Sedlecko–Vildštejnské Kaolinové a Hlinné Závody.


Back above the ground

Some of the mining takes place in underground mines. The company reorganization results in its division into seven production locations – the Sadov, Božičany, Hlubany, Skalná, Provodín, Střeleč and Sedlec mines. The company changes its name to Keramické a Sklářské Suroviny, Sedlec u Karlových Varů.

1972 / Modernization

Kaolin production is modernized, and new products introduced to the market – plasters and paints.




Due to the political changes in Czechoslovakia, the company is divided into separate, independent (subsidiary) companies. In 1993, the company is privatized and renamed to Keramické Suroviny, Božičany, s.r.o.


Tradition restored

The company is transformed into a joint-stock company and, as the direct successor of the original company, returns to its historical name of Sedlecký Kaolin, a. s. High-intensity, supra-conductive magnetic separation is newly added to the kaolin production process.


New plants

Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. acquires Prototypa, a.s., a company from Brno, which develops weapons and sells Sedlecký Kaolin products. It starts to manage the Únavov plant, PKZ – Užitková Keramika a.s., Poštorná, which specializes in the production of construction, chemical, garden and sewerage system ceramics, and the Třemošná plant.


New products

The production of calcined kaolin is introduced in the Sadov plant. The new facility in Božičany introduces cat litter to the market, and the Poštorná plant begins producing sanitary ceramics.


More new plants

Sedlecký Kaolin purchases the Loket plant and acquires a new zeolite deposit.



Introduction of a modern, ultra-fine grinding technology at Sedlecký Kaolin.



Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. innovates the calcinated products and additives and introduces a new method of kaolin fluid drying. Moreover, it innovates porcelain production products and functional fillers for the automotive industry. It also introduces a magnetic separator.


Entrepreneur Project of the Year Winner

In 2014, Sedlecký Kaolin, a.s. won an “Entrepreneur Project of the Year” award in Eco-Energy/Energy Savings category for building congeneratig unit for kaolin drying.


Cooperation with THUN

Since 2016, we cooperate on Porcelánová zastávka THUN exposition.


Nature conservation

We care about mining in harmony with the environment protection. Therefore, we constantly invest in modern research and development of new technologies. They help us to work ecologically and to protect nature. We recultivate the excavated areas and return them to the landscape.

Hectares of land
returned to nature
Hectares of land
returned to nature

Surroundings of the Karlovy Vary region