Do you already know our brand of ready-mixed plaster mixes Keraštuk?

In today's world, environmental responsibility is a key differentiator for modern companies. Our company proudly ranks among the environmentally responsible companies thanks to several fundamental steps, among which stands out our efforts to process first-class Karlovy Vary kaolin as efficiently as possible. We use this high-quality material to produce our innovative Keraštuk ready-mixed plaster mixes, which make the job easier for professionals and DIYers alike.

Keraštuk: top quality and environmental sustainability

Our Keraštuk ready-mixed plasters are manufactured with the utmost care and attention to environmental sustainability. These liquid mixes are ready to use for both indoor and outdoor applications, which brings several significant benefits:

Cleaner and more efficient work

Because our mixes are ready-to-use, the need for mixing and preparation on site is eliminated. This leads to a cleaner working environment and minimised waste.

Easy application

Screed is designed to make application as easy as possible. The liquid consistency of the mix allows for even application, making it ideal for both professional builders and DIYers.

Cost saving

Using our ready-mixed Keraštuk not only simplifies the application process, but also significantly reduces the costs associated with plaster production. Less waste and faster application means financial savings for our customers.

Try our products and see for yourself their benefits and environmental value.