Sedlecký Kaolin
since 1892

We are a leading international kaolin producer, its high quality has been setting the standard since 1924. We process it with the most modern technologies and obtain other raw materials such as bentonite, clay or sandstone.

We emphasise innovation, which is why we cooperate with recognized research capacities in the field. That's why we are among the best. Behind our success is also the nature protection in the Karlovy Vary region and its reclamation. We are an attractive and stable employer for the inhabitants of this region.

  • Environment
  • Global representation
  • The highest quality

Quarries and mining

We mine Sedlec Ia kaolin in the unique deposits of the Karlovy Vary region. It belongs to the highest quality raw materials and thus serves as an international quality indicator. Thanks to this first-class raw material and the constant innovation of our technologies, we as a company have become a leader in our field.

Own CZ and
SK deposits

Modern production

Thanks to technological know-how and modern procedures, we bring first-class products to the market. When processing kaolin, we mainly use natural resources. We use water to perform the process of washing and dewatering. We achieve its high whiteness by magnetic separation. We further process fine-grained kaolin by thickening, pressing, drying and grinding.

  • 1. Washing
  • 2. Magnetic separation
  • 3. Dewatering
  • 4. Grinding and drying
  • 5. Storage

Research and laboratories

Innovation is an important part of our work. We cooperate with leading universities and research institutes. Thanks to this, we are constantly developing new technologies and procedures. We verify the highest quality standards of our products by regular tests in our laboratories.


Logistics and shipping

We supply most of the kaolin in the form of lumps. We transform them into powdered kaolin by grinding and drying. We ship unpackaged kaolin in batches of 20 to 50 tons on wagons and trucks. Part of it is supplied in big bags weighing from 500 to 1200 kg. For smaller consumers, we prepare kaolin in paper bags weighing 25 to 45 kg.

  • Deliveries weighing 25 kg to 50 tons
  • Expedition on pallets and wagons

Frequently Asked Questions

First-class raw material for first-class products


Use in various fields

Rubber industry
Paper industry

Number of employees in the plants
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Thun 1794 a.s

We are the exclusive supplier of kaolin for a Czech porcelain manufacturer which focuses on hotel porcelain, a special cooking program, porcelain for children, and custom goods for large international chains. The distinctive design and top quality is based on more than 220 years of tradition in the production of porcelain in the Czech Republic.